Motivation Multisport  Wheelchairs

Multisport’s wheelchairs are low cost, easy to use, adjust and maintain. They come in a junior and 4 adult seat widths and are in stock now.

Useful Documents: –

Multisport Assembly & Adjustment Guide
One guide accompanies each wheelchair but should need more they can be downloaded from this link.

Multisport Assembly & Adjustment Video Guide
A 7 minute film visually takes you from opening the boxed wheelchair to readying for use and making adjustments.

Multisport User Manual
This document can be helpful when loaning the wheelchairs out to your associated Clubs as provides some helpful checklists for use.

To find out more about their wider range of everyday and sports wheelchairs view their Product Catalogue.

The sale of the products they design helps fund their activity in working alongside more people with disability globally, you can find out more about their impact from this link.

If you have questions regarding use, require a quote for additional wheelchairs or parts, have upcoming events they are always happy to help. | facebook | twitter | instagram | donate